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You can keep up with the latest legislation on LTC by going to the TRSA website.


 The State Licensing fee has been reduced from the original $140 fee to only $40.  The new pricing fee will go into effect the first of September.

The Certificiate of Completion that students receive when completing the LTC Course is good for 2 (two) years from the date of the class, then complete your on-line state application in September to take advantage of the new price fee. Go to our "Class Dates" enroll in a class of your choice now so you will not have to be worried about classes being full later.


The new applicants classroom times are a minimum of 4 hours, maximum of 6 hours. With the volume of material that needs to be covered for your training our goal is not to rush through vital information regarding carrying of a handgun.  We believe students should be well  informed and understand the law. 

The range time is not part of the 4 to 6 hour classroom time.

Renewals are not required to take the class or the shooting proficiency portion.   If you  have any question, please give us a call.  979-776-8727 or 777-4345.

The grace period after the license expires is still  364 days.


Our class is a one day class, with lunch, refreshments, and coffee and tea provided.

Thank you for choosing Schiller Arms to meet your CHL training needs. We are located in Bryan-College Station and serve Central Texas in providing information and training to obtain a concealed handgun license. The course covers  classroom instruction on gun storage and child safety, and Texas laws regarding use of force, deadly force, conflict dispute resolution and licensing requirements. 

Loaner guns are available at no charge.

We offer a Basic 101 Marksmanship Course and it is done by appointment only. The cost is $35 and takes about one hour per student.  Students are to bring their own ammo. This course teaches gun safety, gun handling and marksmanship plus prepares the student for the CHL range qualifications.  Call 979-777-4345 for an appointment.   

We provide homemade breakfast pastries and lunch, plus coffee and tea for our CHL classes.   

Class and/or course Costs:

$60 Initial or renewal Class 

$35 Basic Marksmanship Course 


State of Texas Licensing Fees for new license

$140  No special conditions

$70 Senior Citizens (60 or older)

$70 Veterans over one year of discharge

$0  Active military  or less than one year of discharge 

 Passport Photos

Photos are no longer needed since DPS uses your Texas ID/DL for your chl photo     


Effective March 1, 2011, all fingerprinting has to be done by L 1 Enrollment.  Law enforcement and instructors are no longer allowed to take fingerprints. 

Their fee is $9.95.      click here for L 1 Enrollment website

Course Includes:

  • Classroom Instructions
  • Range Instructions
  • Range Fee

What do I bring?

1) ID/Driver's License.

2) Payment of $60 for a new class- check or cash.

3) 50 rounds of ammo.

4) Any water or snacks for the range time.

5) Weather appropriate clothing - high neck shirts and baseball can help reduce hot brass burns.

 6) Weapon you intend to use at the range (or let us know you'll use a loaner.  We have plenty.)

7) Take the provided MAP for you from the classroom, or at least this one to get you back to the classroom again!

How do I sign up?

Please send the following information to:  schiller_06@verizon.net

First Name, Middle Initial, Last Name, Suffix (if applicable)

Street Address

City, State Zip

Home Phone Number

Alternate Phone Number (extension if necessary)

Year of Birth

Desired Class Date


Also include any additional information that you feel may make the class more enjoyable or beneficial: National Champ in pistol shooting, medical conditions, etc. This will be kept strictly confidential, unless needed for medical emergency.


Note: This email is not sent over a secure connection!


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