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As of Sept 1st, all renewals are simply an online renewal process - no classroom or proficiency shooting. Give us a call 979-776-8727 if you need assistance in the renewal process.

8:30 AM - Welcome and Introductions

8:45 AM - Handgun use and safety provides students with general information regarding basic operations of a handgun and safety considerations.

You are required to earn 70% of the 250 points in the target tests. PRACTICE before you come! Nervous about this part? See paragraph below.  Pictures of the range appear to the right. More info is on the Range Proficiency Page

Shooters must know how to safely handle and effectively shoot a handgun before taking the  CHL proficiency test.  Instructors are not allowed to use CHL class time to teach a student to shoot.  We do offer a Basic 101 Marksmanship Course prior to the CHL class to train the student to pass the proficiency test.  The class includes safety, proper gun handling and marksmanship.  This class is done by appointment only and costs $35.  Call 979-777-4345 for an appointment.

Weapons and ear protection are available for loan.  You will need to bring your own ammo.

There are no bathroom facilities at the range. Prepare yourself accordingly, and pay attention to the weather. Bring your water, if you like.

Approximately 11:30 - We'll return to the classroom (Cole Lane) to begin class and eat the provided lunch.

11:30 AM - 4:30 PM Class instruction, various breaks, videos, anecdotes and history, all in preparation for you to earn your passing score on your CHL licensing exam.

Approximately 4:30 PM - 5:00 PM CHL Examination.

Since we do not charge a pre-registration fee, please notify us ASAP if you will be unable to attend the class you have signed up for so we can notify students on our waiting list.

Texas Concealed Handgun License Course includes instruction in the following areas:

    Use of Force 
    Non-violent Dispute Resolution 
    Weapon Storage and Child Safety 
    Range Safety 
    CHL Requirements and Restrictions


The State requires  4 to 6 hours of instruction for new licensees.  Range time cannot be included in the classroom instructions.


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 For more information call: 


Gene Schiller at 979-776-8727

Or Cell  979-777-4345



Please send the following information to:

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Street Address

City, State Zip

Home Phone Number

Alternate Phone Number (extension if necessary)

Year of Birth

Desired Class Date


Also include any additional information that you feel may make the class more enjoyable or beneficial: National Champ in pistol shooting, medical conditions, etc. This will be kept strictly confidential, unless needed for medical emergency.


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