About Us

Gene Schiller spent two years on a pistol team in the army in his "first life".  He has 21 years law enforcement experience and competed for 10 years in IPSC and PPC combat pistol shooting.

Bernice and Gene have three children, two of which have been active in the shooting sports. Their son, Kevin, was the captain of the US Air Force shooting team. Their daughter, Connie, won three world cups, eleven national championships, and is a two time Olympian.

Bernice and Gene received their CHL licenses in 1996 since the origin of the handgun law.  Bernice runs the pistol range for the duo, and co-teaches the classroom portion as well.



"I expected a hellacious of a boring day, and was pleasantly surprised by how quickly the day went, and how much I learned. I'm sort of sad that I don't get to do it again until 4 years passes."

---- ---Suzanne Gose, mother of five, CHL class of 2011


"I have taken Gene & Bernice's class and could not ask for better instructors!  i have taken my first license and renewal and my wife and son have both taken his class as well.  He and his wife make a great team together.  They will answer any questions you have and not make you feel foolish."

Thanks for all the help!

--- ---Johnny Turner


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